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Cars and Auto Accessories are a major fascination for some people, here are some articles

Cars and auto accessories

Cars and Auto Accessories are a major fascination for some people, here are some articles on the subject to feed the fans' appetite for more information.


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Hybrid Cars In The Early Twentieth Century

You would probably be\page surprised to know that hybrid cars have been with us since the very earliest days of automotive history, but you will not be surprised to be told that the technology has come on in leaps and bounds for the last ten years. In fact, the technology in hybrid cars has reached the level where fuel consumption in a hybrid can be half that of in a conventional internal combustion engine only car.

Half or even less than half under sure circumstances like driving in town, especially in heavy traffic. In fact, when a hybrid is either cruising on electric or stopping and starting in heavy traffic, there will be no consumption of petrol or diesel whatsoever, which means that you are travelling 'without cost'.


I put without cost in parentheses because a hybrid vehicle is still substantially more expensive than a car with a traditional engine. However, even given the added cost of a hybrid vehicle, you can save that excess price during the average life time of the vehicle because of the saving on fuel. Naturally, the higher the price of fuel, the sooner you will recover your extra initial outlay on the price of the hybrid.

Perhaps you are thinking that hybrid vehicle manufacturers are profiteering on the backs of car drivers who would like to do their bit for the environment. Well, you would not be alone in thinking that, but the price of developing hybrid technology was and still is expensive and someone has to account it.

That is you and me, the end-users. Well, that is standard, but in some countries, the government has stepped in to subsidize individuals who buy a hybrid vehicle, because governments all over the world are under an oath to reduce their country's carbon footprint.

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