Canada's Public Pension System Made Simple by Lee Tang

The Secrets to maximizing Your Retirement Income from Government Pensions

Canada's public pension system made simple

Get the Most out of Your Canadian Government Pension!

Are you getting everything you can from the government?
The public pension system is complex and often changes, which means many people are not claiming money that they’re entitled to.

Do you know all of your options for maximizing your pension?
Many people missed out on government pensions because they failed to take action to maximize their benefits.

Could you use more money to pay your bills?
Read this book to make sure you’re not missing out on benefits that could help you pay your bills.

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This book was written to help you get the most out of your government pensions. Inside you'll find everything you need to know about Canada's public pension system and the actions and strategies that you can take to reduce the clawback on your OAS pension. Specifically, you will learn:

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Genre: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Personal Finance / Retirement Planning

Secondary Genre: POLITICAL SCIENCE / Public Policy / Social Security

Language: English

Keywords: old age security, social security, government pension, government benefits, Canada Pension Plan, Quebec Pension Plan, Gurranteed Income Benefit, spousal benefits

Word Count: 20,000

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Canada's public pension system consists of a combination of government-sponsored programs:
The Old Age Security program which provides Canadians with a pension at age 65 if they satisfy certain residence requirements.

These programs were created to help eligible Canadians answer concerns regarding how they will pay their bills when they are retired, and what happens if they become disabled and are not able to provide for themselves and their families.

Each of these programs has separate eligibility requirements, procedures, and rules. Some programs require you to pay into the system to be eligible, others don't. Some benefits are paid only if you live in Canada, and others are paid anywhere in the world. Some benefits are income-tested, meaning the benefit amounts will be reduced if your income is over a certain level; others are not.

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