Breakthrough of Spiritual Strongholds by Bill Vincent

Ending Cycles of Pain

There are various times in all of our lives when we are prone and susceptible to being hurt.

Breakthrough of spiritual strongholds

There are various times in all of our lives when we are prone and susceptible to being hurt. There are times when tragedy strikes without warning, caution or an alarm that tells us an emergency is pending. In times like these we are vulnerable in our minds and in our emotions. We began to build walls and strongholds that strengthen us within ourselves, keeping others from us and us from others. This happens because there's a point that you cannot seem to get past. There is hurt that you cannot seem to let go of. Ultimately every surrounding relationship becomes weary and dysfunctional. But it's time to declare, ""Breakthrough!"" Bill Vincent has been used by God to help set people free. He has helped bring deliverance to over a thousand whom have been set free. You will be encouraged through Bill Vincent's take in this powerful book Breakthrough Of Spiritual Strongholds.

Genre: RELIGION / Christian Life / General

Secondary Genre: RELIGION / Christian Life / Personal Growth

Language: English

Keywords: Strongholds, Blockages, Fears

Word Count: 51500

Sample text:

Where to begin? Let’s start with some foundational things to begin to break the power of the enemy. It doesn’t make any difference what race or social status one may have. It doesn’t make any difference how long they’ve been Christians, or what their position is in ministry within the Body of Christ. Many have found their whole life has been a life of pain, disappointment, anger, abandonment, and rejection. Very few have hope that they will ever, ever make it into a place of safety. Most people live at the ends of their ropes. We see them coming to this other place where they begin to cry out to the Lord in the midst of their trouble. What I’ve found is very few people are willing to face what it takes to cross over, to ride out the storm of life, their wave, and have enough courage to position them for whatever it takes to make it to safe harbor. It takes guts to look into the face of fear and make the choice to live and not die. It is the strongholds of our emotions that often keep us in the rough seas. Strongholds that speak to you, telling you that you will never make it.


For many of us, facing our wound is the most dangerous thing we’ve ever done. We’ve spent a lifetime sedating our wounds with drugs, alcohol, or with immorality. This counterfeit way of meeting needs will never bring you to a point of overcoming and being the champion you were designed to be. It is in our beginning the process that allows us to overcome and break free and discover the real heroes within ourselves. It is the process of understanding why we act the way we do (our wounds) and dealing with our habitual behaviors, the strongholds of thinking, and acting on those thoughts of destruction. For those of us in the Church that are really spiritual with religious activity, we try to perform enough to earn God’s love.

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