Breaking Family Ties by Michelle D. Cook-Hall

There is a real epidemic occurring in our society that is keeping people oppressed within the walls of their own mind.

Breaking family ties

There is a real epidemic occurring in our society that is keeping people oppressed within the walls of their own mind. In a simple moment of time, your life can completely change by a recurring negative thought. Words spoken over your life as a child can affect your life now. Breaking Family Ties will explore the power of words over your life, and what you can do to be free. Be free to fulfill your purpose and follow your dreams. You can be free from the bondage of unspoken and spoken curses upon your life. Freedom is a right and is not unattainable. Breaking Family Ties descriptively goes through different stages in life that can trigger negative ties. By the end of this book, you will discover the tools necessary to see the walls come down.

Genre: RELIGION / Christian Life / Inspirational

Language: English

Keywords: inspiration, faith, family, freedom, power of God

Word Count: 17400

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There is nothing more beautiful than a glowing pregnant woman. People are often drawn to a pregnant woman excited about the amazing journey of creation. Questions are often thrown at her like: When is your baby do? How do you feel? Are you excited? You never hear questions like: What diseases is your baby pre-exposed to? Are you afraid that your baby may inherit your Mom’s mood swings or your father’s anger? No, you never hear these questions proposed to a new mother. And that’s because it is not polite to dig into someone else’s family history and taint a celebratory moment. But truth be told, it’s definitely something that should be discussed and researched. A parent should be aware of the genetics and behavior of the family tree.

Parents play music and sing to their unborn child, hoping to bring comfort and culture to their child. Some parents even expose their unborn child to foreign languages, math, and other educational resources to begin the process of stimulating their intelligence. Even the setting for the birth of the child is considerate. Parents choose natural settings over sterile hospitals, hoping to create a peaceful entry for the baby.  Parents choose water births to ease a child into the new environment. But what about the parents who do the total opposite of what we just described. The parents who were not prepared for the child and is not excited. Maybe they are in a bad relationship, and the pending child is a reminder of their current dilemma. The parent who constantly tell everybody that they don’t want a baby, and that they had no plans of parenthood. The self-destructive parent that smokes, drinks and party excessively while carrying the baby.

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