Breakfast Cookbook: Awesome Breakfast Ideas and Breakfast Recipes by Michael Wayne

There's nothing better than treating your family to a delicious breakfast.

Breakfast cookbook: awesome breakfast ideas and breakfast recipes

There's nothing better than treating your family to a delicious breakfast. Whether it's a sandwich on the go or a huge stack of pancakes on a sunny Sunday, breakfast is a meal everyone loves. With over 20+ budget-friendly (and tasty!) recipes, This book is sure to make all your mornings bright! This cookbook is a breakfast lover’s dream come true.

You’ll find the Following Main Benefits in This Breakfast Recipes Book. 

=> Each recipe in this cookbook is healthy, tasty and easy to prepare. 

=> Step-by-step directions for preparing each of the recipes that makes the process of cooking much quicker & easier. 

=> Ingredient list for every recipe is clearly written and measurements are given in a very simple and easy to understand manner. 

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Genre: COOKING / Courses & Dishes / Breakfast

Secondary Genre: COOKING / Specific Ingredients / General

Language: English


Word Count: 4117

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