Bouquet of Roses by maki starfield

Haiku collection

Bouquet of roses

Maki Starfield is a poet who writes in many styles, among which is haiku. She has studied Japanese traditional haiku under Keishu Ogawa and Minoru Ozawa, and has onetime worked with Banya Natsuishi to promote avant-garde world haiku. Maki’s haiku tends to be on the traditional side when writing in Japanese, i.e., in fixed form using season words (“kigo”) and rhythm of 5-7-5 syllables, but when writing in English or translating into English, she writes in free form. Free form necessitates neither season words nor 5-7-5 rhythm, and in lieu, calls for shortness of any appropriate rhythm, short enough to maximize haiku’s signature “kire” effects (“kire” is often translated as “cutting”, but in original Japanese connotation, it is better referred to as “image-arousal”) of keywords (season words are types of keywords). from "Preface" by Hotta Kika

Genre: POETRY / Haiku

Language: English

Keywords: haiku, poem, 3 lines, zen, cats, love, flowers, romance

Word Count: 5000

Sample text:

meeting –

parting –

like God's breath


you pants –

sweat oozing

on my chest




embracing the shape

of our ecstasy



your sweet kisses

creeping into my depth

the moon approves



behind your lacy underwear

my hands wander about

in the moonlit room



you are a wonderful poet

who makes me beautiful

after our love


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Already translated. Translated by KUMAR HITANSHU
Author review:
Thank you so much for your great work!
Already translated. Translated by Fernanda Miranda
Author review:
I like your wonderful and quick work.
Thank you so much for your great achievement.
Already translated. Translated by Francisco Rondón
Author review:
Thank you so much for your wonderful work!

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