Bounty: Walk the Right Road Series, Book 4 by Lorhainne Eckhart

Some pasts are best forgotten

Bounty: walk the right road series, book 4

—This is truly an epic series. This one book had me enthralled till the end I can't wait for the final book to come out.—Reviewer, DAA

—A compelling read Diane's childhood horrors have haunted her forever and Zac's experiences in Iraq have transformed him. –Reviewer, Bookbabe

—Bounty is a suspenseful and hot romantic book- loved it! Lorhainne Eckhart draws you into her wonderful story with well written characters, tight pacing and steamy romance. Busy Happy Mom

Most cops have a past.
A past, they can speak of.
A past, they can share.
But not Diane.... 

That is until one night a body is discovered on the highway close to her home. But Diane Larsen, a tough cop chick who has had to prove herself over and over to the cops she works with is ordered by her new boss to investigate the one case that could be her undoing. 

When she meets Zac the mysterious and sexy new forensics guy, and former military surgeon with secrets of his own, he somehow discovers through her bizarre behavior all she's been hiding. Instead of outing her, he steps in and helps her investigate this case that has hit way too close to home. And Diane finds herself face to face with the one man, who can find a way into her heart. 

Genre: FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Hard-Boiled

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Suspense

Language: English

Keywords: mystery suspense friends romance, police crime romance, dark romance series, romantic mystery series, vigilante justice mystery

Word Count: 63000

Sales info:

Part of Walk the Right Road series and has sold over 200,000 english copies worldwide, Bounty has been in the #1 spot and solidly in the top 100 on Amazon numerous times in hard-boiled mystery, mystery thriller & suspense and romance series

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Sample text:

She slid out from behind the wheel and checked her holster, flicking her finger over her Glock and the smooth shiny badge she had clipped to the waistband of her jeans. She balled her hands into a fist once, twice, yanked on the edge of her jean jacket, and stepped forward, putting all her attention into first one step, then another, on the pavement that was glistening under the half moon. Her breath misted in the damp night air, picking up the scent she had always associated with a fresh kill. She shivered as goose bumps pricked her skin, not from the cold, and she fought the instinct to cross her arms.

Flashing red lights cast an eerie shadow over the thick trees that lined both sides of the dark highway; headlights from a dozen vehicles spotlighting the scene. It was unnerving, and every sound of the night—the shouting, the whisper of the wind through the treetops, voices over the police radio, footsteps, and car doors opening and closing—became more defined, drawing her attention to each minute detail. Diane nodded to a uniformed deputy who was holding a bright red flare and turning away the few cars that travelled the highway this late at night back toward Port Townsend. The state police and deputies lingered around the scene.

“Diane.” Baby-faced Green, now a lieutenant for the Sequim detachment, strutted over to Diane, holding his hand out as if to stop her. He wore a ratty tweed jacket and faded blue jeans. The skin on his bald head shone like a smoothly polished billiard ball from the backdrop of the headlights. “Hey, Stan.” Green waved to another uniformed officer Diane didn’t recognize and pasted on one of his phony good ol’ boy smiles.

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