Boudicca: A Play in Three Acts by Laurel A. Rockefeller

The dramatic tale of Boudicca comes to the stage in a must watch period drama

Boudicca: a play in three acts

As the western world fell to Rome's mighty legions, one woman dared fight for English liberty.

Adapted from the narrative biography "Boudicca: Britain's Queen of the Iceni," Boudicca tells the story of ancient Britain's greatest and most legendary ruler in a format accessible to readers of all ages and productions of all budgets.

Production notes include detailed historical information on costuming and suggestions for period accurate set designs.

Genre: HISTORY / Europe / Great Britain

Secondary Genre: BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Historical

Language: English

Keywords: ancient Britain, Roman Britain, biography, children's books, stage drama, period drama, young adult

Word Count: 9240

Sales info:

As a play, formatting is VERY VERY PICKY on this book.  Translations MUST be formatted EXACTLY the same as the English.  If we sign a contract, you MUST include ALL FRONT MATTER in your first ten pages -- every line of the title page with the addition of your "translated by _____" line.  The website and email address must be there in addition to the title and subtitle.  The headers and subheaders must also be kept in your translation in addition to the standard stage formatting in front of you.  


A theatre background of some sort (acting, directing, costuming, major/minor) is extremely helpful if not essential to success on this project.

Sample text:


Governor Gaius Suetonius Paulinus’ office in Camulodunum.  A door stands upstage left.  GAIUS SUETONIUS PAULINUS sits at a desk downstage left that is covered in organized papers. He hands a document to ROMAN BUREAUCRAT and points to a line on the page. A knock sounds at the door.  Roman Bureaucrat walks over and opens the door.  PRASUTAGUS, ALYS, and MORGAN ENTER through the door. Prasutagus cheerfully walks up to the governor.  Alys and Morgan follow their father.




Gaius!  You look well!




You were late.  A reason for disappointing me?



My daughters – this is Alys and this is her twin sister Morgan.



How is your Gallic wife – what is her name?



Boudicca.  You seem to disapprove of my choice, Gaius.




Her former mistress is my sister who of course told me about my nephew’s disgraceful conduct in freeing her in exchange for her favours.



My daughters are right here, Gaius.  You think it is wise to talk that way about their mother in front of them?



They are only girls, Prasutagus!  What do I care what they think?




Because they are my daughters.  You will show respect.



(laughing condescendingly)

Respect – girls?  Really, Prasutagus, how can you be so perverse? Women are little better than slaves, inferior by their nature!


Book translation status:

The book is available for translation into any language except those listed below:

Already translated. Translated by Valentina Chirico
Author review:
Very unprofessional. Final document submitted is of poor quality. Will not re-hire.
Already translated. Translated by Andrés Sotelo
Author review:
Andres did a very good job following instructions. He consulted with experts on some of the technical language and did a good job overall. There were a few small glitches towards the end, but overall I am happy with his work.

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