Books for Girls - Twins: Book 2: Caught Out! Girls Books 9-12 by Katrina Kahler

Books for Girls 9-12: Twins Book 2 continues the exciting and suspenseful story of two look-alike girls who have discovered the life-changing that secret their parents have managed to keep hidden from them since birth.

Books for girls - twins: book 2: caught out! girls books 9-12

Books for Girls 9-12: Twins Book 2 continues the exciting and suspenseful story of two look-alike girls who have discovered the life-changing that secret their parents have managed to keep hidden from them since birth. 

But when Casey and Ali decide to use their newfound knowledge to have some fun whilst on camp, dire consequences unfold. Will the pair be caught out or will they manage to keep their secret intact?

Then, when Jake Hanley, the very cute boy from school shows an interest in both girls, things become more complicated than ever.

You will love the continuation of this wonderful series. It includes more drama, suspense, boy crushes and friendships that will keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat wondering what is going to happen next. 

A fabulous book for girls that all young readers will enjoy.

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Comics & Graphic Novels / General

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Love & Romance

Language: English

Keywords: books for girls 9-12, girls books age 9 12, Julia Jones, friendship social skills and school life, girls books 9-12, Julia Jones Diary, diary books for girls

Word Count: 26944

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Sample text:

Brie and I stared at each other as realization flooded us both. Casey had been taken home by my parents. My parents! And they had no idea that she was my twin and not me! How could Miss Halliday do this to us? Casey would have been fine with a little sleep. Now my parents had taken home someone who wasn’t me! What was going to happen now? My parents would surely know the difference between their own kid and her twin. And I dreaded how upset they would be if they found out the truth. I pushed my hair back away from my suddenly hot face. “What do we do?” Brie asked. Her eyes were teary with fright. I looked over my shoulder at Miss Halliday who was a few feet away talking with another teacher. What could we do? I knew Casey and I were supposed to switch places eventually, but this wasn’t part of the plan. We needed more time to prepare for the swap. There was nothing we could do right then. I wasn’t going to tell Miss Halliday what had happened. Maybe it would somehow turn out okay. “We can’t do anything,” I said in a low whisper. “If I tell anyone that Casey and I switched places then we will both be in trouble.” I also knew that if my mother found out I was aware of my biological family, she’d be very hurt. If she wanted me to know, surely she would have already told me about them herself. There was also the fact that I wanted to meet my real mother. And if I spilled the beans then that might not ever happen. My head was fuzzy thinking about all the things that could go wrong for us in the situation we’d suddenly found ourselves in. “But Casey is in a car with strangers!” Brie exclaimed, throwing her hands out to her sides. I grabbed her hands and pulled them down. I didn’t want Miss Halliday to come over and ask what we were talking about. “They’re not strangers,” I said. “They’re my parents. She will be fine. 

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