Blue Chow Christmas by Rachelle Ayala

The Hart Family

Brian and Cait have been married for twelve years, but their secrets could blow them apart.

Blue chow christmas

Cait Hart has been married to Brian Wonder for twelve years, but does she really know him? The redheaded firefighter is dependable, loyal, and kind to others, but he's never let her probe his feelings.

Brian's life is blown open when his former high school teacher and wife of a senator dies in a car crash. When a pair of blue chow dogs show up at his mountain cabin, he is forced to tell Cait his secret--the real owner of the dogs is a boy he believes is his son.

Cait and Brian are tested on the true meaning of love when the boy goes missing and authorities suspect Brian of wrongdoing. Can two lost chow dogs save this fragile and vulnerable family?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Clean & Wholesome

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Holiday

Language: English

Keywords: firefighter hero fireman, Christmas holiday romance, animals and pets, chow chow dogs, clean and wholesome, action and adventure, family relationships

Word Count: 54696

Sales info:

The Hart Series is well liked and a steady seller. It is sweet and clean romance.

Sample text:

“I’m not going to military school!” I kick the seatback where my father’s driving and arguing with my mother.

“Steven, at least let him finish the school year,” Mom takes my side, as she always does.

A horn blares and my father swerves, then shakes his fist. “People out here don’t know how to drive in the rain.”

“You should slow down,” my mother warns. “There’s a heavy storm front coming in.”

If you ask me, it’s already here. Sheets of water pour down the windshield, and the wiper blades can’t keep up. It’s kind of cool, like we’re weaving underwater in an express submarine.

My parents bicker about my dad’s driving and how late we are to his last-minute campaign rally, and I go back to the shooter game on my phone.

My name is Glen Thornton. I’m twelve years old and an only child. I’d be lonely if I actually cared. My parents are always arguing. Mom says I have Asperger’s Syndrome, whereas Dad says I’m spoiled and need to be made a man, whatever that means.

I don’t agree with either of them. I prefer to think of myself as quirky and weird. I’m definitely too weird to be a hotshot senator’s son. I know he’s ashamed of me, and he blames Mom for my slow social development.

“Glen is enrolling in Marshall Military if it’s the last thing I do.” My father pounds the steering wheel. “End of discussion.”

A set of bright lights blind me, and the car lurches to the right, its tires swishing against the wet pavement.

“Holy cr—!”

Pow! The sound of crunching metal socks me in the gut. My mother screams, and the car lurches before flipping over the guardrail.

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Already translated. Translated by Celeste M. M.
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Celeste is prompt and always easy to work with.

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