Beginner's Guide to Playing the Piano Professionally Level Two by Elvine Robert

Tips & Guide to Enhance Your Piano Playing Skill

Take your piano playing skill to the next level and become a professional!

Beginner's guide to playing the piano professionally level two

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When you read this series book level 2 beginner's guide to playing the piano professionally, you would learn to play the piano in a more advanced and complex manner by knowing:

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Genre: MUSIC / Musical Instruments / Piano & Keyboard

Secondary Genre: MUSIC / Instruction & Study / Theory

Language: English

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Word Count: 11260

Sample text:

Chapter One

Before we can go a step further into playing the piano, I thought it helpful and relevant to give you a quick insight on sheet music or sight reading. Since sheet music wasn’t so much fun for me, I will do the best I possibly can to make sure it’s as fun as it can be for you.

If you’re already familiar with the concept of sheet music, please skip this chapter.

Sheet Music; What Comes to Mind?

For someone who plays the piano but has no idea on sight-reading or sheet music, sheet music to him can be related with an English man seeing a Greek written book for the first time and attempting to understand it. Sheet music is about being able to translate musical notes on paper to the real notes on the piano or any other musical instrument.

Is Sight Reading Important?

Not being able to sight-read doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to play the piano in a way that would amaze listeners, but this also doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t learn it either; what have you to lose?

One of the ways I find sight-reading important is that you get to play songs that you’ve never heard of the exact way it was played. Also, have you ever tried to learn something new on the internet; about playing your favourite instrument and all you’re faced with are tons and tons of sheet music? Really frustrating, isn’t it? Learning to sight-read makes the whole learning process complete when learning to play the piano.

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