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Preschool curriculum

Tips for homeschooling a preschooler

Bee all you can bee - expert education delivery in a comfortable manner

There are people worldwide who are proponents of homeschooling. Others prefer traditional schooling, and yet others, both. Whichever system one may choose, education is critical to an individual's growth. Several companies exist that offer learning materials for both homeschooling and traditional school learning. Bee All You Can Bee seems to be good at determining what clients want for schooling. Below are some of the available learning materials and resources the company specializes in providing.

Preschool Curriculum Resources

Bee All You Can Bee seems to be good at understanding the need for continuous learning to handle kids by the teachers or guardians. The company provides preschool resources that help teachers, parents, and children handlers to further their knowledge of the subjects they handle. Some of the articles give insights on tips for homeschooling and guides to the preschool curriculum. Further, the literature pieces provide details on the right age to start kids on schooling.

Ordering System

Given that most clients would want to buy either physically or online, the company has a dedicated online section to place orders. Clicking the "Order Here" button takes them to a list of all products on sale. It is on this platform that anyone buying more than one item can select each item needed. They can list the items in the shopping cart.

Feedback and Contact Support

Bee All You Can Bee seems to be good at valuing its clients' feedback to better them. The company allows clients to provide feedback on every listed product on their website. By clicking the "Details" part below every product, an online fill-in form opens for a response. The firm also encourages its clients to share their experiences about the products. The provided social media platforms include Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.

Newsletter Subscription

Since Bee All You Can Bee keep adding products to its website, it seems to be good at understanding the need of its clients. The company has a forum for the clients to subscribe to regular newsletters. This initiative ensures that no subscriber misses any new piece of information rolled out by the firm. Further, clients can keep track of the launched products to have hit the market. All a client needs to do is visit the company website, fill in their name and email address, and submit the details for the newsletter subscription.

About the Company

The co-founders of Bee All You Can Bee have education at heart. They developed a system that caters to children from five years and caters to teachers. The company specializes in developing thematic-based and comprehensive curriculum for preschoolers. A lot of emphasis are on character development to help people build their lives. The firm's office is at 4530 S Ridgewood Ave, Port Orange, FL 32127, USA. Any client seeking direct communication with the company can do so by calling 1-800-694-4506 or sending an email to [email protected]

An online fill-in form exists on the website under the Contact us section should any client wish to post their queries. For more information, visit the Bee All You Can Bee website at   

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