Battlenaut Crucible by Robert Jeschonek

Only Corporal Solomon Scott can see the fierce Red Battlenauts, so it's up to him to rally fellow mecha warriors to stop the Reds from a rampage that could bring down a galaxy.

Battlenaut crucible

The Red Battlenauts show no mercy. Roaring out of the darkness of deep space, these ultra-high tech war machines pound the hell out of both sides in a bloody interstellar civil war. No one can even SEE the Reds--no one except Marine Corporal Solomon Scott. Recruited by the hardcore SEAL-like Diamondbacks, Scott becomes a secret weapon in the ultimate struggle for survival. In battle after battle on perilous alien worlds, Scott and the Diamondbacks fight back against the ruthless Reds, desperately holding the line in furious clashes of muscle and metal. But when a face from the past exposes the secrets behind the carnage, a quest for answers becomes a race against time. Because the masters of the Red Battlenauts have more on their minds than a thirst for conquest...and only Solomon Scott can hope to stand against them. In the galaxy's darkest hour, the highest stakes imaginable drive this hero in Battlenaut armor to seize his destiny. But can he overcome a soul-searing betrayal that strikes out of nowhere like the Reds themselves? Only by crushing the monsters of his own dark past can Scott vanquish the forces blasting humanity to the brink of annihilation.

Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / Military

Language: English


Word Count: 100,000

Sales info:

This is my top-selling science fiction title and has continued to bring in strong earnings in the international market over the years. BATTLENAUT CRUCIBLE features exciting mecha action in the spirit of films like PACIFIC RIM and books like the BATTLETECH series. It appeals to fans of those works, as well as readers with a general love of science fiction and space opera around the world.

Sample text:

Corporal Solomon Scott held his gray-plated Mark VI Battlenaut armor perfectly still in the thick white mist.  Around him lay the broken armor of two opponents, dead pilots who'd fought to the last for the cause of the Rightful rebels.  Scott had killed them both just moments ago in a firefight that had left his own armor damaged.

Unfortunately, the larger battle going on around him was nowhere near finished.  According to comm traffic and the telemetry displayed on the visor of his helmet, dozens of Battlenauts were still smashing the hell out of each other in all directions.  The battle for the Commonwealth outpost on planetoid Chelong III was still raging, the outcome up in the air.

He was flipping between camera views again when Captain Rollins got on the horn.  "Echo Charlie Bravo!"  The man's gravelly voice burst from the comm speaker.  "Stop standing around, Scott!  Dewar and Shen need backup!  I just flashed you the stats!"

As promised, Dewar and Shen's telemetry appeared on the visor.  They were thirty meters to the right, both taking heavy hits...but from what?  It didn't look like there was anyone else in their immediate vicinity.  Was the mist screwing with their sensors?

"Damnit, Scott," snapped Rollins.  "Get your ass moving!"

Suddenly, something caught his eye on the feed from the rightside camera.  He played the armrest keypad, clearing the telemetry data from the visor screen and punching the rightside feed to maximum magnification.  "Stand by, sir."  He saw nothing...nothing...

Then something.  A glint, a spark, a flicker in the fog.

"The hell with stand by!"  Rollins' voice became a roar.  "Shen just went down!"


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