Battle of Witches by JB Trepagnier

A Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance

My stupid cheating ex seems intent on using my museum to bring a deadly cult back to life

Battle of witches

Loki has nothing on a witch when you come for what’s theirs.

The cult was around long enough to know this. They want Gemini twins by their side. Oh, they are going to get us—right up in their faces showing them exactly what we are capable of. Kaine wants this done on the up and up with everyone in handcuffs and their day in court.

Sorry, not sorry, but we are way past that now. I’ve got one Norse god and two Vikings living in my house. We’re going old school with this.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal / Witches

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal / Shifters

Language: English

Keywords: reverse harem paranormal romance, reverse harem complete series, reverse harem witches, reverse harem shifters, reverse harem gods, reverse harem norse mythology

Word Count: 60526

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This is the final book in the Museum of the Profane series. It debuted in September and continues to do well

Sample text:

A Little Catch-up

Killian was supposed to do the catch-up, but my cheating ex brought an utter cunt back from the dead, and she was under the misguided notion that cursing my familiar would get me and my twin to join her rather than seriously pissing me off.

It wasn’t even the cunt it was supposed to be. I had been hating Thorunn the entire time, and we all thought Valentine had Asfrid’s bones because Thorunn sucked at magic. Plot twist. Asfrid was the ultimate cunt the whole time. Loki made her, and Sleipnir and Bjorn lived with her, and she fooled them. Bjorn got visions that Loki’s creations would break bad, but not that Asfrid was the one pretending to be this meek, magical genius getting bullied by the other hybrids, but she was really the big nasty.

And while I loved a good plot twist in the smut I read in the little book club I had with Ripley and Minerva, it kind of fucked with my head when a plot twist involved my mentor and someone I trusted—being the goddess Freya—hiding out in the body of a witch to help Lilith.

When this was over, we were having tea, and she was spilling the beans about everything. We had to wake Killian up and kill a few bitches first, though.



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