Balibago Bargirl Babes by Sybille

Freddy & Chloe try anything once - especially if it's about getting down.

Balibago bargirl babes

Freddy & Chloe try anything once - especially if it's about getting down.

Volunteering to work as bar girls in the notorious Balibago district of Angeles, The Philippines . . . not a typical vacation recommendation by travel agents, whether ordinary or specializing in LGBT tours.

At worst, Freddy & Chloe figure they'll meet some sensational Filipino women.

With luck, they might even enjoy some hot guys. Maybe even some with enough brains to be more than a life support system for an organic phallic symbol. Stranger things have happened.

First, however, they have to convince the bar girls and their mamasan.

Freddy applies her Magic Mouth superpower to the grizzled, hardcore bar owner, and despite decades of hard living in Asia, Freddy trips Jeff out harder than anything else since his first Grateful Dead concert before he got drafted and sent to Southeast Asia.

Next, Chloe shows Mama Celia how she can make a middle-aged former bar girl cry and forgot her boyfriend's bedroom prowess.

Once assured they would all get their turn, the other bar girls approve of Freddy and Chloe joining the show.

At first, having come to Angeles for Filipino -- not white -- women, the customers spurn Freddy and Chloe.

However, eventually, they hook up with Thomas and Gunther, two German heavy metal fans.

Eventually they wind up with the partners they love the most -- each other.

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20,000 words

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Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Lesbian

Language: English

Keywords: lesbian, bar girls, older woman younger woman, international romance, vacation, comedy, humor, The philippines, angeles city, bisexual, butch, femme, blowjob, fellatio, cunnilingus, licking pussy, eating pussy, fucking, asian sex, ladies, pinoy women, filipino, german men, heavy metal, couple, interracial, pinay, filipina, bargirls, bgirls, b girls, mf, ff, friends, friendship, Los Angeles City, ac, balibago, barangay

Word Count: 20,000

Sample text:

Mama Celia was no longer the 20-something bar girl she must have been years ago, but was -- to resurrect an old-fashioned phrase -- pleasingly plump. An attractive middle-aged woman. She kept her curly genital hairs clipped short. And smelled clean and refreshing as an ocean breeze.

A touch of coconut? Body lotion or oil? Or simply because she ate and drank so much coconut?

I got down on my knees. They complained about the hard floor covered with just several thin blankets, but I'm way too young to have arthritis yet, so I told them they were sheltered, pampered American knees, and to get used to the real world.

But when I gave all the Filipinas head tomorrow, I'd definitely insist on a bed. Mattress, at least.

I zeroed in on Mama Celia's round, solid thighs. I didn't really want a closer look at whatever else might lay on that floor. Dust bunnies and real mice. Though some of the sandals and open-toed pumps the bar girls wore seemed from that angle more interestingly decorative, though just as cheap and shoddy as I would have assumed.

Freddy told me, when she worked the Magic Mouth, the object receiving the oral gratification became the most important thing -- penis, pussy, or asshole -- in the universe to her.

The most beautiful, most enjoyable, sexiest -- you get the idea.

So I closed my eyes and worked hard at putting myself into that mindset.

"Come on, white cano malandi putang tomboy. Make happy happy me."

Great. Just interrupt my concentration.

I placed all my consciousness in the Third Eye, ajna chakra point between my eyes, to awake the full powers of my pineal gland -- the astral version, of course.

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