Bad Boy by Perie Wolford

The Story of a Gay Demon

When Dylan’s secret BDSM fetish becomes accidentally known to his boyfriend Mark

Bad boy

When Dylan’s secret BDSM fetish becomes accidentally known to his boyfriend Mark, the two decide to mix up their usual tender love-making routine with some kinky stuff. As a part of a game, Mark transforms himself into a character Dylan never knew gentle and sweet Mark could embody. But Dylan was wrong. Or maybe there’s something he’s terribly missing.

Genre: FICTION / Gay

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Erotica / BDSM

Language: English

Keywords: gay, bdsm, demon, horror, supernatural, paranormal, hell

Word Count: 10675

Sales info:

5 out of 5

Sample text:

Dylan hammered Mark’s tight hole with his hard throbbing dick vigorously until he came, spewing his hot load into his lover, his whole body convulsed by the orgasmic delight. One of the most intense physiological reactions is to the sexual stimulus. Dylan growled into Mark’s ear much like a pride lion would and pressed his body tightly against him. Mark came too, simultaneously with Dylan, just from rubbing his dick against the bed sheets.

A couple minutes they just lay there like that, their bodies heated and sweaty, their hearts pumping. It was nice.

Dylan was pressing himself against Mark so tight, his whole body, wanting to be even closer to him. He loved him so much. Mark was practically a perfect boyfriend. And, most importantly, Mark was crazy about Dylan too, which was evident by the three years of their immaculate relationship. Dylan never had it that long with anyone before.

The two rented a spacious studio apartment in Williamsburg, both at their last year in New York Law School, both interns in prestigious law firms, bright and successful future ahead of them; and a long happy life together.

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