Annabel's First Time by K. Matthew

vampire erotica short story

Annabel's first time

There are many lessons to be learned as a vampire, and Annabel is in training to learn how to give men what they desire. With a dominant master eagerly willing to show her the ropes, Annabel must first shed her purity in order to become the predator that is her vampire nature.

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Language: English


Word Count: 4939

Sample text:

Annabel's palms began to sweat in anticipation of what was soon to come. The taking of her virginity had been planned since the beginning of the week. Though she was given plenty of time to mentally prepare herself for it, it somehow wasn't enough.

Annabel had always considered her body to be sacred, a ground that she had left untainted in hopes of being taken by a man whom she loved in a fit of passion on her wedding night. How things were really happening, wasn't at all as she had planned. Eric wasn't her husband; he was her master. But how more married can you get than to be bound to someone for eternity.

He could sense Annabel's tension, and gently rubbed her shoulders for comfort. “Calm down. I promise that I'll be as gentle with you as possible, this first time.”

She tried to relax, but it wasn't possible. Annabel knew that within the next thirty minutes, Eric would be inside her, stretching her virgin hole until it bled out all over his thick cock. The fear of the pain couldn't hold back her moistening at the thought.

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