Angel's Game Of Destiny by Grace Ashley

When the price of fame is too high are you willing to pay

Angel's game of destiny

Modeling was all Angelina Van Vuuren had ever wanted to do much to her mother’s despair. Against her mother’s wishes Angelina enters the supermodel South Africa contest and wins. The contest catapults her into the European modeling arena and instant stardom and out of her mother’s control. Five years later, Angelina finds herself in the Kharastani desert kingdom where she meets charismatic crown Prince Raschid Al Karim. A whirlwind affair begins that ends disastrously. Not one to sit at home and sulk, Angelina creates a fashion dynasty that brings her back into the limelight but trouble is lurking just around the corner. A criminal mastermind is after her business and is willing to kill to get it. Forced to defend her business Angelina embarks on a dangerous mission to uncover South Africa’s most dangerous syndicate. In a game of destiny that requires her to keep her friends close and her enemies closer...

Genre: FICTION / Contemporary Women

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Crime

Language: English


Word Count: 72190

Sample text:

Romeo Desauzer sat in a luxurious office belonging to Denver, Klutz and Associates reading the contents of his father’s will. He was alone, a cruel smirk playing on his sensual lips. His long black hair fell well over his shoulders to his back. It shone blue black in the sunlight. His eyes were brown and when you looked at them from a certain angle they became golden. Their golden brilliance looked positively devious at that moment.  Women would have thought his face beautiful. Only his eyes, in that unguarded moment would have exposed his looks for a crock.
    “It looks like I got your millions after all old man.” His voice taunted the room. Romeo smiled a smile that turned his beauty into something truly terrifying.
     His father, Allesandro had sworn that hell would freeze over before Romeo could touch a single cent of his money.

Hell had just frozen over.
    His father had hated him with a passion since he was a boy just as he’d hated his mother before him. He was the bastard son of the woman who had disgraced the Desauzer name. Romeo snorted in disdain as he thought of his childhood.

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