Ancient Secrets by Walter Parks

We Learned The Truths

Wew have recently learned much from the ancients.

Ancient secrets

This book summarizes some of the Ancient Secrets that have been found in our search for the truth.

You will see how Methuselah lived 969 years and others of the era also lived very long lives.  You will learn just what the Tree of Life really was.  You’ll see just how Atlantis was destroyed; and other secrets of the ancients.


Genre: HISTORY / Civilization

Language: English

Keywords: ancients, secrets, long ages, telomeres, Noah's , Noah's flood

Word Count: 100

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Step back and consider the following. We are not alone.  We have never been alone. There are billions of other earth-like planets. There are millions of intelligent civilizations living on these planets. Thousands of these civilizations communicate with each other. Hundreds of these civilizations trade with each other. Several have visited earth. Our ancestors have documented meetings with some of the visitors. One visit helped ancient Atlantians build a great civilization. One visit resulted in some of the Biblical patriarchs being shown how to become near immortal. One visit warned of the coming of “Satan” and a worldwide destruction. There are an unlimited number of parallel universes. There is a portal from our universe to at least one other parallel universe. We have received visitors from parallel universes. A few from our universe have visited parallel universes. We may have afterlife in one of the parallel universes. Afterlife visitors can impart great wisdom to us today.  Afterlife visitors can wreck chaos here on earth from time to time.

These observations are becoming realities as we unravel ancient secrets. I have been intrigued all my life with wondering just what the ancients really did know. Did we really get started with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden? Did Satan really cause us to sin?  Who is Satan?  Where did he come from; and why? Did Methuselah really live 969 years? Did Atlantis really exist?  Was it our first great civilization?   I set out to document my findings in 12 books.  I have already published 11 of them. All 11 are summarized herein and the first chapters for the 10 already published are provided. Read; learn; enjoy!

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