Amazon Ads Without Spending a Dime (Almost) by Prasenjeet Kumar

Amazon Ads is absolutely the ultimate advertising platform to market your books on Amazon.

Amazon ads without spending a dime (almost)

Let’s admit. Amazon Ads is absolutely the ultimate advertising platform to market your books on Amazon. Period.

But unfortunately, there are so many ways you can go wrong in harnessing this beast’s awesome potential.

Muddying the experience is a lot of bad advice floating on the internet which makes the whole adventure with Amazon Ads frustrating, infuriating, and downright expensive.

So, how do authors go wrong? In my opinion:

One, by bidding/ spending too much without getting good results, i.e., getting a negative Return on Investment (ROI).

Second, by stressing too much about the perfect sales description or by testing different descriptions or by doing both.

And the third, by over-monitoring your ads.

The solutions are simple. And this book will cut out the fluff by teaching you strategies that really work.

So, get-set to learn how to:

* Set up your ads;

* Target your audience (including in non-US territories which no other book teaches you);

* Understand bidding and sales reporting;

* Check profitability of your ads (without getting swamped under a barrage of technical jargon);

* Write ad descriptions (a process most books complicate).

And much more….

And all this, of course, Without Spending a Dime (almost)!


Genre: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Home-Based Businesses

Secondary Genre: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Advertising & Promotion

Language: English

Keywords: author platform, author entrepreneur and email marketing, how to self publish your book, indie author, how to launch a book, how to market your book and writer's block, how to write edit publish format cover design and promote your book, how to advertise your book

Word Count: 11,000 words approx.

Sales info:

The book is from an Amazon #1 Best-selling author. Many of my books have been on the best-seller list and have been well received.

Sample text:

When I first published my book How to be an Author Entrepreneur WITHOUT SPENDING A DIME, in April 2015, I wanted to help authors avoid some common mistakes that could cripple their fledgling author-entrepreneur businesses.

So, I gave my readers a DIY manual of practical tips and advice that could help take their writing dreams to literally publishing Nirvana. I explained how anyone could create a professional product at ZERO cost. And then, the moment you can afford it, how you could incur costs selectively where they can give the maximum bang for your buck.

The book hit a chord with struggling authors, and their feedback enthused me enough to write the next book in the series viz. How to Translate Your Books WITHOUT SPENDING A DIME. Here, I exhorted my readers to “Enca$h the power of translation WITHOUT SPENDING A DIME,” and shared tips on selecting a translator, finding an editor/proof reader for your translated books, adapting your existing book cover for the translated version, and finally, formatting, pricing, publishing, and marketing your translated books worldwide on 300+ retailers like Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Nobles, Baker and Taylor, Chegg, Follet, Gardner, Google Play, Inkterra, Overdrive, Page Foundry, Scribd, Tolino, 3M, etc.

My third book was How to Market Your Books WITHOUT SPENDING A DIME (January 2016). This was the book to “cut out the fluff and focus only on the ESSENTIALS.” In that spirit, I covered topics such as: should you self-publish at all; pros and cons of exclusivity; the futility of conventional marketing tactics such as hanging out on social media, contacting reviewers, entering Goodreads Giveaways; mindset issues; effectiveness of PERMA-FREE versus the PERMA $0.99 strategy; how to engage and sell your books to your readers via e-mail marketing. And much more.

Book translation status:

The book is available for translation into any language except those listed below:

Already translated. Translated by Zulay Salas

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