All Things Valentine by Dawn Brower

Welcome to the town of Kismet Bay where magic and fate are a way of life...

All things valentine

Welcome to the town of Kismet Bay where magic and fate are a way of life...

Percival Wright has led a charmed life. At least the residents of Kismet Bay believe that. It is a carefully crafted facade that hides the real truth. He's completely miserable and the one woman he has always wanted fails to really see him. 

Valentine's Day is one of the busiest days of the year at Blooms of Destiny, and Amadea Strange can't wait to have it behind her. The romantic day is good for business, but she doesn't have time for love. So of course, that's the one day that fate decides to show her what all things Valentine means...

Genre: FICTION / Romance / New Adult

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Language: English

Keywords: second chance, Valentine's Day, short story

Word Count: 5200

Sales info:

USA TODAY Bestselling author, DAWN BROWER writes both historical and contemporary romance. There are always stories inside her head; she just never thought she could make them come to life. That creativity has finally found an outlet.

Growing up she was the only girl out of six children. She is a single mother of two teenage boys; there is never a dull moment in her life. Reading books is her favorite hobby and she loves all genres.

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Sample text:

She stared down at the order slip for the next arrangement. This one was going all out. Carefully, she added a mix of pink, purple, white, and bicolor roses with some lilies to break up the mixture into a clear vase. Amadea became engrossed in sorting the flowers and rearranging them until she created an amazing display of blooms. She sighed and finished the ensemble off with a strategically placed ribbon, then put a card in it. One more arrangement down, three more to go…

“Oh,” her cousin Ophelia said as she came to stand next to Amadea. “That’s so lovely. I envy your skill at arranging flowers.”

“It’s nothing,” she said with a shrug. “I play with them until they—mesh.”

“Well, then,” Ophelia began. “You’re doing a wondrous job either way. Don’t sell yourself short.”

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