alkaline diet: plant-based diet with delicious alkaline recipes ( Boost Your Health and energy) by Gary Guzman

(29b) A plant-based diet with delicious alkaline recipes ( Boost Your Health and energy)

Alkaline diet:  plant-based diet with delicious alkaline recipes ( boost your health and energy)

If you are someone who is suffering from any underlying illness like low pH levels, acidity, Obesity, heartburn, bloating and find it challenging to start a healthy diet plan that balances the pH levels and reduces the symptoms and also helps you to maintain a healthy weight, then this book is just for you. The alkaline diet is one of the remarkable diet plans that allow enjoying the food while keeping the pH level balanced. This cookbook is designed to provide you the perfect meal idea that fulfills the criteria of the alkaline diet.

are you tired to lose a few pounds? do you want to burn fat quickly? Do you have a busy life and don't have a lot of time to cook? If you answered yes, then keep reading

if you have tried many diets that only made you lose time and money, but not pounds, you can start to discover what the alkaline diet is, which could be the right one for you.

this book will guide you through the alkaline diet, where you could discover what the alkaline diet is based on, why there is a link with the pH, what are the alkaline foods and their benefits for your body and how to start with this diet.

Getting your dog's body into alkalinity is as important as getting yours balanced. Cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment as it thrives on acid. Dogs suffer from the same mineral and vitamin deficiency as we do in our modern day diet. Switching your dog to alkaline water and putting him on a raw diet are the two majors ways a dog's body can be brought into alkaline balance.

You may be familiar with the alkaline diet in a human context. It is a diet designed to alter your internal pH value and, in doing so, positively impact various aspects of your health. Different parts of the human body have different pH values, but the idea behind the diet is that by replacing acid-forming foods with al

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Sample text:

2 green apples

2 cups spinach



1 cup young coconut flesh

1 banana

1 cup coconut water

cinnamon and nutmeg to taste

Add first 3 ingredients. Blend until smooth, adding water as necessary. add fruit and blend until desired consistency.

Dessert in a glass. I recommend green-weary kids give this one a go beforejumping in to something less sweet. Fresh young coconut is one of the mostdelicious healthy fats available. Mixed with sweet apples and protein-richspinach, this is the closest you’ll get to eating something akin to Grandma’s piewithout passing out after eating.

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