Alkaline Diet Cookbook: A Complete Guide To Losing Weight And Detox Naturally by Albert Rowland

Amazing Alkaline Diet Recipes

Alkaline diet cookbook: a complete guide to losing weight and detox naturally

Healthy Alkaline Food Recipes for You & Your Family!

If you're trying to get healthy or lose weight, then following a diet focusing on alkaline foods may be just what you need. Alkaline foods, the vast majority of which are fruits and vegetables, are among the healthiest types and are frequently associated with the prevention and treatment of many diseases. We have collected over delicious and best selling recipes from around the world including soup recipes, salads, main dishes, side dishes, and much more. Enjoy!

Eating foods that have an alkaline effect can lead to…


This diet helps cleanse your body of the harmful effects of an acidic diet. Alkalinity is the worst foe of acidity and this is just basic chemistry. In this book, you will learn how to counter acidity and excessive acidic environment present in the body with simple, yet very tasty recipes.

In the course of the book, you will learn:


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Sample text:

Cheese Casserole




  1. Coat the pot with cooking spray
  2. Put the cottage cheese into a meshed colander, rinse with cold water and drain
  3. Put 2 tsp olive oil into a pan and cook the sausages until brown, put into chopping board, slice into bite-sized pieces, set aside
  4. Put remaining olive oil into pan and heat
  5. Slice the green pepper into strips, put into pan and cook for 2 minutes
  6. Put the sausages and green peppers in layers into the slow cooker
  7. Add the cottage cheese and then sprinkle the grated cheese over the top layer
  8. Add the sliced onions to the pot
  9. Sprinkle with salt and pepper
  10. Put eggs into bowl and beat until well combined, pour into the pot
  11. Stir gently until eggs are well incorporated into the layers
  12. Cover and cook for 2 hours on low


Servings: 8

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