Activities For Children by James Christiansen

Free or nearly free kids activities that children will love!

Activities for children

Are your kids complaining that "there's nothing to do" or "I'm bored" this summer? Need some new ideas to keep them entertained until school is back in session? Look no further - this guide to free and cheap kids activities will help you kick the boredom blues!

My kids are probably like yours: They love being off of school but soon the sounds of "I'm bored" and "there's nothing to do" echo through our house and both my wife and I yearn for something to keep them entertained and keep the whining at bay. With this motivation, I've collected great free or nearly free activities for kids that my kids love and yours will too!

In this book you'll learn:

1. How to keeping preschoolers entertained and how to do it on the cheap!
2. Having fun and almost free indoor and outdoor activities for kids aged 6 to 8.
3. How to have fun with older, independent children on a budget
4. Indoor and outdoor activities for kids of all ages
5. Fun activities with flair including kids learning activities for kids of all ages

Need another reason to buy this book? Here's a great one: I donate 5% of the proceeds from the sales of my books to Reading Is Fundamental, the largest and most respected Childrens' Literacy non-profit in America!

Stop the whining and cure the boredom today. Get this book and get some great ideas for kids activities today!

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Language: English

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For many parents, the three scariest words that they can hear from their children are: “I am bored.”  Keeping little people occupied can be a tough job for any parent, especially when you are on a budget. This becomes even more challenging when you are a busy parent who wants to spend time with their children.  Childhood happens so quickly, that often we blink and our kids are all grown up and already doing their own thing.  This is why making the most of the early years is so important.

What could possibly sound better than your children giggling with delight, while having fun with you?  This is something that we all want to hear, but often run out of ideas on how to do that.  Thankfully, there are a heap of crafty ideas for you to tap into to keep your little ones entertained for hours, and a whole host of them are budget friendly as well.

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