A Whale's Tale by Daniel S. Janik

The adventures of a juvenile humpback whale on his way from Hawaii to Alaska and back.

A whale's tale

The adventures of a juvenile humpback whale on his way from Hawaii to Alaska as told by his childhood sweetheart. "A Whale's Tale" is written for adults to read aloud to children, and children to adults to read and enjoy. Lavishly illustrated in black and white for reader coloring opportunities.

Hollywood Book Festival Award

The first in the Savant "COLOR-ME-PLEASE" children's book series.

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Animals / Marine Life

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Activity Books

Language: English

Keywords: Hawaii, Alaska, humpback, whale, family, relationship, circle of life, ocean

Word Count: 4794

Sales info:

Released in 2009, the softcover English edition has sold over 2,500 copies worldwide. In 2010 the work was re-released in Amazon Kindle format, and later in Amazon Audible (audiobook) format. I have strong connections in Japan, where the book has been used for children's ESL lessons, resulting in a growing demand for a Japanese language version. 

Sample text:

Chapter 1    Twenty Feet Under

The tropical sky blushed every imaginable color of blue. Gentle waves reached up to the sky like a playful pack of ponies running towards land, their silvery manes fluttering in the gentle trade winds. Brilliant sunlight splashed down from the sky as if on a golden waterfall happily emptying into a bright blue sea. 

Sorry, little one, I don’t know if it was a school day or the weekend because, well, every day in Hawaii is paradise. But this was not just any day, because, you see, I had just finished my afternoon nap, and opened my eyes twenty feet under water. 

Twenty feet under water! That's impossible, you say! Have you so soon forgotten that I am a whale, and the deep blue sea is my natural home -- just as everything above the water including the crisp, fresh air is your natural home? So now that we both, once again, know who we are, let’s continue, okay? 

It seems to me that just before my nap, you said you wanted to hear a story -- a whale story. Now, as I am a whale, no one should know a good whale story better than I. So here is one of my favorites, about two humpback whales. This is not only their story, but the one I most enjoy singing when traveling in early spring from Hawaii to Alaska and back again to Hawaii in early autumn. But wait a second, I'm getting ahead of myself! 

We whales, as you know, like to tell our stories as songs, so if you want, you can hum or sing along with me.

My story begins many, many years ago in the warm waters just off the island of Maui, this particular story begins with a birth of a baby whale. 


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