A Rogue's Scandalous Wish by Collette Cameron®

A Historical Regency Romance

A marriage offered out of obligation… …an acceptance compelled by desperation.

A rogue's scandalous wish

Formerly titled Her Scandalous Wish


A marriage offered out of obligation…

…an acceptance compelled by desperation.

At the urging of her dying brother, Philomena Pomfrett reluctantly agrees to attend a London Season. If she fails to acquire a husband, her future is perilous. Betrayed once by Bradford, Viscount Kingsley, as well as scarred from a horrific fire, Philomena entertains no notions of a love-match. Hers will be a marriage of convenience. If she can find man who will have her.

When the woman he loves dies, Bradford leaves England and its painful memories behind. After a three-year absence, he returns home but doesn’t recognize his first love when he stumbles upon her hiding in a shadowy arbor during a ball. Something about the mysterious woman enthralls him, and he steals a moonlit kiss. Caught in the act by Philomena’s brother, Bradford is issued an ultimatum—a duel or marry her.

Bradford refuses to duel with a gravely-ill man and offers marriage. But Philomena rejects his half-hearted proposal, convinced he’d grow to despise her when he sees her disfiguring scars. Then her brother collapses, and frantic to provide the medical care he needs, she’s faced with marrying a man who deserted her once already.


This marriage of convenience Regency historical by a USA Today bestselling author is a sigh-worthy, heart-warming tale of love redeemed as Brandon tries to win Philomena’s heart again.

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Though this book can easily be read as a stand-alone, most readers prefer to read the series in order.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Regency

Language: English

Keywords: Women’s fiction classical historical fiction, Regency romantic comedy British historical, Literature & fiction historical fiction Regency, Regency women’s historical fiction romance British, Regency clean & wholesome Christian Fiction, Christian fiction romance historical 19th century, Royalty & aristocrats wealthy alpha males dukes

Word Count: 23,500

Sample text:

One, two, three, four … No, I think there are actually five.

Yawning behind her partially open fan, Philomena peeked through the leaves of the enormous cage-shaped potted ficus and counted the wiry hairs sprouting from Lady Clutterbuck’s chin. The chinwag and her cronies gossiped a short distance away, their unending litany contributing to the onset of Philomena’s nagging headache.

She relaxed a fraction. No sign of Mr. Wrightly, a repugnant would-be suiter, and the reason she’d dove behind the plant when she spied him looking for her earlier.

Pressing two fingertips between her eyes to ease the thrumming there, she located the mantle clock and breathed out a soft sigh. Not yet ten o’clock. She allowed a droll smile. Giles wouldn’t consider leaving before the supper dance.

No indeed.

Your brother is determined to find you a husband before Season’s end, Philomena Martha Elizabeth Pomfrett. Whether you like it or not.

And she most emphatically did not.

Despite her lack of interest, or the cost to his already fragile health, dear Giles dutifully escorted her to event after event, evening after evening. And she obediently—well, more aptly, reluctantly—husband-hunted.

Content to become a spinster, the mercenary process conflicted with her principles and put her out of sorts, but Giles’s time ran short so, for his sake, she pressed onward. Fear of her prospective husband’s reaction to her scars created a permanent knot in her belly, and she swallowed against the dryness in her mouth.


She shoved the worry aside. She’d deal with that obstacle when the time came. First she had to acquire a spouse, and her prospects weren’t altogether promising.


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