A Lady Never Tells by Dawn Brower

Secrets don’t stay buried though, and this one is about to come to the light…

A lady never tells

Eden Barrett, the Countess of Moreland, is a young widow. Her foolish husband died in a duel, after having an affair with her closest friend. With one affair her entire life changed. Having freedom for the first time in her life she embraces it. Roslyn, her sister by marriage, is about to debut and Eden is her chaperone, and she’s determined to aid her to find a husband that won’t disappoint her.

Maxwell Holden, the Duke of Carrington has decided it is time to find himself a wife. He has a list of requirements and Lady Roslyn Barrett is the perfect candidate. There is only one problem: her chaperone. Something about her is oddly familiar, and he’s more drawn to the young widow than he likes. The more time he spends with her, the more he can’t stay away.

Eden is determined never to marry again. Especially to the Duke of Carrington. She has a secret though and if he discovers it everything will change. They’ve met before, and she’s determined he never realizes exactly how they’re acquainted. Secrets don’t stay buried though, and this one is about to come to the light…

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Regency

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical / Victorian

Language: English

Keywords: widow, duke, second chance, secret lovers

Word Count: 34,500

Sample text:

She’d never flirted like this in her entire life. Eden felt alive for the first time. The thrill of this was beyond even her wildest imagination. He stepped closer until her breasts rubbed against his warm chest. Her nipples tightened at the mere hint of his heat, and the pleasure was intoxicating. He leaned down until his mouth was near her ear. His breath caressed her skin, making her even hotter with need. “Darling,” he said in a husky tone. “You’ve already decided. Don’t make me beg.”

Her throaty chuckle sounded foreign to her ears. Who was this wicked, wanton, widow allowing this unknown gentleman to seduce her? She didn’t recognize herself, but wasn’t that why she’d come to this masquerade? She slid her hand down and pulled out his shirt from his pantaloons, then slid it underneath until her fingers met his naked flesh. She trailed her fingers up his chest and then around his waist. He yanked her closer. “You’re playing with fire, love.”

“But what a burn it’ll be,” she replied in a husky tone.

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