A Gypsy's Christmas Kiss by Dawn Brower

Sometimes the one thing a person needs isn’t what they would expect.

A gypsy's christmas kiss

Lulia Vasile is the daughter of a Romany princess and an Earl’s second son. She grew up playing roles in a traveling theater, performing at county fairs, and has dabbled in fortune telling. She makes no apologies for who she is, and lives life as she pleases.
Finley Prescott, the Duke of Clare, doesn't leave his townhouse unless it's necessary. He has responsibilities and people who depend on him. All he wants is to disappear from the world. He doesn’t do well in large gatherings and lacks social graces.
Fin and Lulia have a history. One that neither one has forgotten. When they meet again they are drawn together. After that chance meeting they share a magical kiss. Along the way they discover that sometimes the one thing a person needs isn’t what they would expect.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Regency

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Holiday

Language: English

Keywords: second chance, regency, duke, christmas, holiday

Word Count: 24,500

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I am USA Today Bestselling Author

Sample text:

He lifted his left hand and set it on the table. She flipped it over and trailed her fingers over his palm. The gypsy was quiet for several moments and then she glanced up at him. There was a bit of surprise in her glance, but whatever had earned that particular look, she kept to herself.

“Tell me, my lord, do you believe in love?”

“I’m not sure I do. Nothing in my life has made that particular emotion well received.” He’d experienced far too much loss. “Do you?”

She smiled. “Love isn’t for everyone, and I’m young yet. I’ve at least witnessed the possibility.”

Try as he might, he’d never be able to explain why he’d been drawn to her from the moment they met. There was something unidentifiable about her—almost special. “Do you have a name?”

“We all have names, my lord, even you.”

Fin wanted to laugh at her words. He was acting rather silly and deserved that response from her. This small moment of time with her had lightened his mood quite a bit. There was a truth in her eyes that told him she’d never lie to him. He needed more people like her in his life. “If I tell you mine, will you share yours?”

“Perhaps,” she replied cryptically.

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