A Capital's Perils by Tao Wong

A New Adult LitRPG Fantasy

May You Receive the Attention of Those in High Places

A capital's perils

Daniel has drawn the attention of the one group he desperately wanted to avoid. The Royal Family has summoned him to Warmount, the capital of Brad. There, he'll have to try to avoid noble politics, royal entanglements and keep up with his Adventuring.

Of course, that'd be simpler if the Labyrinth was easier to delve through or if Warmount wasn't a Master Class dungeon.

A Capital's Perils is book 8 of the Adventures on Brad, a LitRPG young adult fantasy series. Written by the bestselling author of the System Apocalypse and A Thousand Li, it draws inspiration from Japanese light novels like Dan Machi, Grimgar and Konosuba.


Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Coming of Age

Language: English

Keywords: healer, adventurers, dungeons, magic, beastkin

Word Count: 46500

Sample text:

No, the second major monster type that inhabited the Dungeon was the real danger. Unlike the ambush predators of the Candy Hoppers, the Colossal Headcrunchers were sweet golems. The base form easily shattered under any sharp-edged strike, but they reformed from the ground. To destroy them, you had to locate their golem core, which was tricky since it was in a different location for each Headcruncher.

Other variants had sticky, toffee-like Headcrunchers that did not shatter but instead sucked up blunt and sharp strikes with equal ease. Only carefully placed attacks could lop off pieces, allowing blade wielders like Omrak to slowly whittle the monster down.

And then were the true Headcrunchers, the aged, base variants that refused to shatter and moved like rolling boulders. Those spun down turning rooms, often picking up speed with their Skills and caroming down long corridors in unpredictable trajectories. Spearwalls were useless; only towering shields with Momentum Nullification enchantments could protect the group. That or a Sonic Wall, cast by Lady Nyssa.

Lastly, of course, were the long-range dangers—in this case, mushroom candy variants. There were two kinds—the first, an exploding spore variant that choked those that were caught in the explosion and left them with a poisoned status as well as attracting more monsters to the group. And a second, more painful variant that fired needles of hardened candy canes at anything that neared.

All in all, fighting through the final level of Porthos in Silverstone was a pain and a half. The repair and washing bills were expensive, the mental and physical fatigue of crossing multiple levels building up and driving the team to distraction.

But the rewards . . . the rewards were well worth it.

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