7 Super Ways to Bend Reality by Charity Oka

To Achieve Your Strongest Desire

This short book has the information that will power your mind and thoughts to make you begin to bend reality in your favor.

7 super ways to bend realityThis short book has the information that will power your mind and thoughts to make you begin to bend reality in your favor. You can achieve your strongest desires in life and on this earth by tapping into the divine source or universe to your advantage. This book contains short but very impactful content and information that help to speed up results in your endeavors. I intend to give you direct statements and explanations that you can grasp and use immediately. So, don't underestimate the power behind every single word in each chapter of this book.
Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / General

Secondary Genre: SELF-HELP / Meditations

Language: English

Keywords: Mind Power, power of mediation, books on mind power, how to think, inspiration, Think and grow rich, bible meditation

Word Count: 2500

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Sample text:
Chapter 1: Assert your personal freewill over other people's minds You can assert your personal freewill over the minds of others because it's your expression of power. You have every right to do so. Those who do not assert their own free will have opened their minds to be under the will of another. Only a mind that asserts its own personal freewill can prevent itself from being moved by the will of another mind. Therefore psychokinesis is used to program the masses in the matrix through artificial simulation but when you visualize, you counter the matrix's intention and alter every event to push your dreams into being. Chapter 2: Maintain a positive mindset

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