(46B)Dukun Diet: Simple And Delicious Recipes For The Consolidation And Stabilization Phase by Anthony Larson

The book contains a great selection of recipes that will make

(46b)dukun diet: simple and delicious recipes for the consolidation and stabilization phase

The book contains a great selection of recipes that will make following the diet easy and simple to incorporate into your existing schedule. The recipes have been designed to promote the detoxification as well as being a pleasure to eat.

The Dukan diet is a powerful aid which you can use to get to your ideal weight. But there are several things you need to know before starting about how this diet works. As soon as you develop a comprehensive understanding of how this Dukan Diet works, you will be on the path to transforming yourself in to what you have always dreamed for - A super model. With the all new Dukan diet, you will no longer feel shy of going out in public or standing in front of a mirror.

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Celebration Meals

Now that you have reached the consolidation phase of the Dukan diet you can look forward to new foods each day, and celebration meals as well. During the first half of this phase you are allowed 1 celebration meal every week, then this doubles to 2 in the second half of the phase. This is a celebration meal, not a celebration day, and you only get 1 then 2 meals where you can have anything you want. Each celebration mean can include 1 appetizer or starter course, 1 main course, a dessert, and even a glass of wine or other beverage. This is not a chance to indulge to excess though, and there are some rules that must be followed with the celebration meals.

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