40 Days Of Prayer & Fasting: Try God and Receive Your Powerful Victories Now by Patricia Wagner

40 messages God has for you now so you can receive his strategically prepared victories for you

40 days of prayer & fasting: try god and receive your powerful victories nowAre you tired of living with lack? Lack of success, lack of breakthroughs, lack of progress, lack of the manifestation of your divine blessings. Are you desperate for God to change your life and come in with his great plan for you? In 40 Days Of Prayer & Fasting: Try God and Receive Your Powerful Victories Now, successful woman of God and ordained minister Patricia Wagner who has seen God miraculously transform her life shares 40 messages God has for you right now so you can receive his strategically prepared victories for you without any further delay. Fast from TV, fast from social media, fast from food or fast from just a specific food item, choose whatever God is laying on your heart to fast from and use the messages in this amazing book every day to pray.
Genre: RELIGION / Christian Life / Spiritual Growth

Secondary Genre: RELIGION / Prayer

Language: English

Keywords: Breakthrough, Faith , God, Jesus

Word Count: 25,405

Sample text:
What we believe about ourselves is shaped by our past experiences and it seems our early experiences in life in particular play a big role in this. Hanan Parvez, the founder of PsychMechanics wrote following in his article called How our past experiences shape our behaviour and personality: “Your inner child is still affecting your behaviour much more powerfully than you think.” Our core beliefs in life start being formed during our childhood and continue to be formed through other experiences later on in our adult life. But it starts in our childhood and those core beliefs become the major component that influences our personality. Following experiences: things that your parents said to you as a child, rejection, abuse shape how you see yourself. So who are you? What does God say about you since it is time to appropriate it? I am sure that if you experienced abuse or rejection for example in your childhood or in your adult life, you have formed some beliefs that God wants to extract from your life at this time of prayer and fasting. Jesus was constantly reshaping people's beliefs in the bible and finding back your identity in Christ is directly linked to receiving your blessings."

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