2020 by Jim Mosquera

Chandler Scott (Book #1)

Can this really happen?


Chandler Scott, a rising TV journalist, tries to connect the dots in a country mired in another financial crisis.  Cyber terrorists add to the flames of fear.  The public yearns for help from its leaders who respond in ways previously unimagined.  Politics and economics will collide during the Presidential election of 2020.   Chandler uncovers the seeds of the next crisis, a crisis that would shape the future of the United States of America and the world.

2020, the first book in the Chandler Scott series, is a fusion of historical events with a near-term look at the future.  It is a thriller so convincing in its accuracy that readers will be left to ponder if these events could actually come to fruition.

Genre: FICTION / Thrillers

Secondary Genre: FICTION / General

Language: English

Keywords: politics, financial crisis, cyber terror, media, journalist, press

Word Count: 103,000

Sales info:

Book available in print, ebook and audio in a variety of formats on many retail outlets.  I'm frequently interviewed on media promoting all my work.

Sample text:

He met Rafael for breakfast the next morning in the Hilton’s restaurant.  Rafael lived in Puerto Madero in a high-rise condominium.  The term high-rise meant something different in Buenos Aires than in New York City.  He’d only been to his condo once and it was definitely a bachelor pad equipped with industrial shelving, several framed photographs of barely-dressed women, and minimal gear in the kitchen.  Rafael had no steady girlfriend and was not particularly close to his family as evidenced by the lack of family pictures.  Rafael was all about work and hard play.

Trips to Argentina were very nostalgic for Chandler.  The first time he visited as a high school senior, he met the Sáenz side of the family.  His grandfather Armando enthralled him with tales about Juan Domingo Perón and what it was like to be in a country in the middle of a military coup when you’re on the losing side.  Gustavo took him on a whirlwind tour going as far south as Patagonia and as far north as the spectacular falls at Iguazú.  Iguazú overwhelmed Chandler.  He traveled little as a child and had never seen a real waterfall.  He’d seen Niagara Falls on TV but these cataracts took it to another level.  The Garganta del Diablo, a horseshoe-shaped waterfall 500 feet long by 250 high, depicted a path towards Lucifer’s throat, and provided the highlight of his tour of the falls.  The fall’s deafening roar transmitted a concussive pulse in the teen’s ear.  The first visit to the country of his father’s birth would be a life changing experience for the young Texan.  He knew there was more to the world than Dallas or Columbia and he yearned to see as much as he could.


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Already translated. Translated by Janardhan Marappa
Already translated. Translated by Raíssa Ribeiro Domingues
Author review:
Great working with this translator. She was conscientious and on time.
Already translated. Translated by Bernarda Rojas Valenzuela
Author review:
Translator communication was mostly prompt and timely. The translation quality was solid. I had to spend a great deal of time editing what had already been suggested in various communications. The final delivered product came after the suggested due date. More attention to detail would have raised the translator rating. I would feel comfortable using this translator again.

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