(1) low carb: The Ultimate Low Carb Diet Recipes For Rapid Weight Loss (Low Carb Recipes) by Laurence Butler

The Ultimate Low Carb Diet Recipes For Rapid Weight Loss (Low Carb Recipes)

(1) low carb: the ultimate low carb diet recipes for rapid weight loss (low carb recipes)

This book contains valuable and current information that will enlighten you on how to use low carb diet to lose weight fast and permanently.

Unlike general perception a weight loss plan does not have to include predominantly tasteless and bland low calories foods. You can opt for delicious recipes that’ll satisfy your taste buds and appetite giving you the feeling of fullness without gaining weight. Weight loss isn’t about starving yourself, it’s about choosing low calorie foods and opting for healthier recipes. It’s about changing your behavior and living a much healthier lifestyle. Never take the starving route because one it doesn’t work and two you can end up muscle wasting, because when your body starves itself it breaks down protein in the muscles for energy first, not fat. Plus, in other cases people end up eating more when trying to starve themselves which contradicts the whole process.

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