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Writing and communicating: my life passions!

Claudia rosiello

Friendly and very communicative, thanks to the presence of relatives and friends of several nationalities in my life, I have developed an attitude to dialogue and communication with people of different language, culture, religion, aimed to tolerance, respect and exchange of opinions and values.

I am very precise and I always try not to let any problem unsolved, by using all the available resources and support. I have no problems in asking for help if I am in trouble. The MDD course I attended transmitted to me the principle that it is important to help people not by doing things for them, but by explaining and supporting them, so that they are in the conditions for succeeding by themselves.

I have experiences both as a worker (part- and full-time) and as a student, housewife and mother, so I could face different realities and I learnt how to manage my time and take decisions by harmonizing the work needs with my private life.

Concerning my work experiences specifically, I started my working life as a receptionist and organizer of the assistants' teams interventions on the field; I grew up throughout the years, both in age and professionality, until my last long experience, in which I was able to coordinate my activity of Commercial Responsible with the Production, Invoicing, Administrative and Logistic Team colleagues.

Native language: Italian
Translates from: English, French
Translates into: English, Italian

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