Beatriz Dias (translator)

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Translating not only your words, but also your feelings.

Beatriz dias

Born in Curitiba (Brazil) and raised in Foz do Iguaçu (Brazil), age 24, studying Modern Languages at the School of Arts from Western Paraná State University.

I love English since I know myself, and being capable of translating texts, books and whatever you need will help me to improve my knowlegde, and will put me closer of my goals.

I can translate a variety of written materials such as correspondence, reports, legal documents, technical specifications and textbooks from one language to another, maintening the content, context and style of the original material to the greatest extent possible.

I can also revise and correct translated material, as well as reading and editing copies to be published or broadcast to detect and correct errors in spelling, grammar and syntax, and shorten or lengthen copy as space or time requires.


Native language: Portuguese
Translates from: English, Portuguese
Translates into: English, Portuguese

Books being translated by this user:

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Main translator
Main translator