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I am Arthur Payne and I am from the United States. I like reading books and magazines in my ample time and I also have a huge collection of novels. I was looking for some intersting e-books and came to this site which seems amazing. I like sharing and talking with people about books, videos and other media. Besides reading, I also like photography. I shoot digital photographs to give digital high resolution. I have also won various photography competition as a student.

Talking about my profession, I have begun my career as the Web Developer. I have been served a plethora in leading web development company India. I work with, effective and efficient methodologies in order to fulfill clients' requirements, as client satisfaction is the first priority. Behind my successful attempt to offer apt solutions for my clients is that I keep myself updated with the latest news and changes in the web development industry. I always Seek a new opportunity allowing me to further expand on these skills.


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