Unfair Love by Anna Katmore

After thinking he was straight for 23 years, Raffael finds out he's gay.

Unfair love

My world shattered when I met my match.

I pride myself on keeping control of everything. Always. My only weakness? Reckless challenges.
After losing my car to the new street racer in town, Sebastian gives me a chance to get it back. His condition: two hours in my playroom. No safewords allowed.
While I only ever do girls in there, I accept. And when he kisses me, I reach my fucking limits.

Once in a lifetime, you meet a unicorn.

Raffael is pure Nordic ice. Controlled. Determined. And drop-dead gorgeous.
Winning his car was a lucky strike. Winning his heart when he’s so afraid of the truth, turns out to be the hardest challenge I’ve ever raced to complete.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / LGBT / Gay

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Language: English

Keywords: lgbt, romance, new adult, gay, boy love, erotic, bdsm

Word Count: 40.000

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Sample text:

“What are the rules?” he demands, swinging back to Felix. “Girls only?”

What kind of stupid question is that? My friends both grin like lunatics, and Felix waves a relaxed hand. “If Raff thinks he can attract some guys to make out with him, he can do so as much as he likes.” He throws his head back and laughs. “Damn, now I wish I’d made this a rule from the start.”

The level look in Sebastian’s dark eyes raises a weird feeling in my gut as his gaze travels over me once more. He smirks at Felix. “No, you don’t.” One second later, he closes the distance between us in two determined strides. The next thing I feel is the door of the rusty Ford against my back, and a male body pressed flush to my front. It knocks the wind out of my lungs. Sebastian grabs my face with both hands and lays a fucking kiss on my lips.

Jesus Christ!

My whole body goes rigid. Only my hands clash against the metal of the rust-bucket for help, support, anything. But there’s no escape from this moment.

The two inches Sebastian has on my six-foot-one frame are unnoticeable as he dips down and tilts his head sideways. When his tongue slips into my mouth and drags across mine in a sensual caress, I can taste his last cigarette on it, mixed with something sweeter, perhaps a Coke. To my utter astonishment, a man’s tongue feels very much like a woman’s. Only his light stubble scraping against my shaved skin makes the kiss different—and fills it with an unexpected carnality. Hell, this is odd.

And even stranger is that my body wants to give in. Fuck, I’m not enjoying this, am I? Well, no way in hell! My hackles rise at the awareness that the entire racing community of London might be watching this.

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