The Carrero Effect by L.T. Marshall

An epic romance between Boss and PA when an abuse survivor learns to trust

The carrero effect

EMMA ANDERSON has everything in her life worked out.

She has a perfect job in a Manhattan empire, allowing her to live a quiet, organised and safe existence. A necessity after a childhood filled with abuse, bad memories, and a mother who was less than useless. 

She’s worked hard to get where she is - and she has just landed an amazing promotion. 

But it comes with a problem - and one that could derail everything she thought she needed in her life.

Emma’s new role is as the right-hand man for billionaire playboy JAKE CARRERO. He’s exactly the type of person who could drive her crazy - and not in a good way.

Chalk and cheese, he is everything she’s not. Compulsive, dominant and confident, with a seriously laid-back attitude to casual sex and dating. 

Jake is the only one with the ability to steamroll over Emma’s manicured, ice maiden exterior. But Emma has no desire to let anyone close enough to hurt her again. 

Jake needs to show Emma that even someone like him can change when that one girl that matters walks into your life. 

Loveable, sexy characters, and deep emotional topics.

Contains some mature, adult content, and language.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Contemporary Women

Language: English

Keywords: romance, billionaire, rollercoaster, emotional, saga, series, bestselling, family, allstar, romantic, sexy, sensual

Word Count: 140049

Sales info:

I have been an amazon best selling author for the past year. Made all star the last 4 months in a row. Book 1 stays in the top 200 ranking of sagas most of the time in the UK, usually in the top 60 but it fluctuates when i release new books. It has been in the top 1000 of overall books on and off over the last 6 months, usually around 800-900 until a new release disrupts it and then settles  back again. The series is growing and climbing and has many books after this one. Consistent seller with high page reads, i just signed an audio book deal for this book with a publisher and it will appear in the next 18 months, boosting the series yet again. I am fast growing as an author and this is the series which is cementing my name as someone to watch.
I am much lower in USA rankings purely because 85% of my fanbase is UK and I am working on expanding that completely. 

Sample text:

I smooth my hands down my pencil skirt and tailored, gray jacket before touching up my dark lipstick in the hall mirror with a look of resignation. My eyes scan and check my tawny hair is neat and sleek in its high bun and I scrutinize my reflection again, to make sure it’s precise. Sighing once more I take a steadying breath trying to ready myself, pushing down the gnawing ache of anxiety and nerves deep inside my gut.

I’ll do.

I look as good as I know I’m capable of, and I’m mildly satisfied with what I see before me; a cool, efficient image of cold poise and gray tailoring that exudes authority, with no hint of the turmoil of emotion inside me. I narrow my eyes to look for any flaws to my immaculate armor, any stray hairs, specks of dust, or creased fabric, and find none.

I’ve never been a lover of my own reflection, with my young appearance, cool blue eyes, and pouting lips, but nothing is out of place and I look right for my new role as personal assistant to my very high-profile boss. Professional and capable on the outside which I guess is what matters; calm and uncompromising with every detail in place and clothes flawlessly neat. I have always been good at shielding the truth about how I feel inside.

I slide on my stilettos with a slow careful motion, keeping my balance with one hand on the wall and hearing the movement in the room behind me, I check the mirror in response.




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Already translated. Translated by Tochukwu Benedict Ezeifekwuaba
Already translated. Translated by Stefy Ma
Author review:
An absolutely awesome translator who has gone above and beyond while getting the book ready. I think she is so brilliant I would love her to stick with the series. Great communication, really lovely person and so helpful in every way. Thorough and professional.
A little extra time was needed, purely because she had an editor check over the book which was an unexpected level of superb.
Already translated. Translated by J. Toni
Author review:
Absolutely wonderful translator. patient and great communication and just a pleasure to work with. Hope to use this translator on all future books xx
Already translated. Translated by Edson L. Tejada

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