Spitwrite Box Set by George Saoulidis

Books 2-4

A collection of #spitwrite stories.

Spitwrite box set

The Imiteles Space Station
The Garbage Cube
The Recovery Building
Looking Down on People From Atop a Big-Ass Mecha
The Hologram Riot
Waifu Wedding
A Self-Driving Car Named Desire
Viking Shipbuilding
and over 80 more short stories.

Note: This contains books 2-4 of the Spitwrite series for ease. If you own the individual books, there's no need to get this one.

Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Short Stories

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / Short Stories

Language: English

Keywords: science fiction, cyberpunk, fantasy, urban fantasy, greek mythology, greek gods, space opera, adventure, action, short stories, spitwrite, spaceship

Word Count: 170000

Sales info:

Author George Saoulidis and Mythography Studios have a 40000 Facebook page following, a 3000 Goodreads following, a 10000 Twitter following and a 4000 Instagram following. The book is a short tie-in story. 

Publisher is looking for a royalty share agreement, and is incorporating audiobook creation as a regular step in the marketing process (with 40 upcoming titles, 75 currently published, 42 audiobooks).

The publisher is also working with viral marketing, memes, high concept themes and is running multiple pay-per-click marketing campaigns, regular email blasts to 10000+ real customers, is experimenting constantly with ad copy, book blurbs and varying his efforts in internet promotion. 

As a special characteristic, the books cater well to a bilingual Greek-English target group (but not exclusively), with a population of 3 million in USA, 0,7 million in Australia and another 0,7 in Canada, and finally a 0,4 million in the UK. That untapped demographic of over 4 million Greek dual citizens is actively being promoted to by the publisher through internet forums, diaspora groups and publications. 

Sample text:

Thrill-seekers from around the galaxy quickly found their way to the station. They were people from all races, both from Asterism and not, who had a thing in common: They craved adventure.

So, Imiteles brought it to them, or rather, brought them to it.

It scouted every gravity-wave communication for talk about revolutions, explosions, fantastic discoveries, dangerous alien beasts, inhospitable planets and ancient ruins, and it simply blinked there in orbit around danger.

Wasn't it dangerous?

Oh yeah. Very much. Dangerous indeed.

About 87.3% of the space station's passengers died while on adventures. But the loco bastards seemed to like it! Imiteles went and bought some backup systems from an Asterism outpost at some point and got them installed, so the adventurers could back themselves up if they died and live again in a cloned body. That service was quite expensive but the adventures were swimming in loot.

And the loco bastards surprised Imiteles yet again, by refusing to back themselves up. 'It dimmed down the thrill,' some of them said.

Loco, indeed.

Of course many used the backup service, went down on the chosen planets and derelict spaceships and spacebattle debris and explored, and looted, and had the time of their lives, and some of them died. And got reprinted into a cloned body that had none of the memories up until the time of the last backup.

But that way they could carry on adventuring.

Those loco bastards.

Book translation status:

The book is available for translation into any language.

Would you like to translate this book? Make an offer to the Rights Holder!