Internet Marketing Secrets by Owen Jones

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A beginner's guide on how to use Internet marketing to promote online

Internet marketing secrets

I hope that you will find the information helpful, useful and profitable.

The information in this ebook on various aspects of using the Internet to your advantage is organised into 17 chapters of about 500-600 words each.

I hope that it will interest those who are hoping to make money on line.

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Article Marketing Tips

Many individuals who create their first web site get a rude surprise after launching it. They spend a long time thinking about making a website, a long time learning how to create one and a long time making it. They launch it and wait for visitors to flock to it. And nothing happens. No-one comes by. After a while, they may get four or five visitors and then no-one again.

A lot of individuals think that all you have to do is put up a web site and it will be indexed by the search engines and then the world will find it. This is simply not true, although you may become indexed after a time. The problem with this tactic is that when people search on a term and the results come up, there are usually several hundred thousand listings. As an unknown site, yours will be close to the bottom of the pile and most people only look at the first page or two of results.

So, the trick is to get your web site listed on the front page of Google's search returns. Article marketing will help your web site rise in the rankings and become visible to your potential customers. It is far better to advertise your website so that it will be seen, than to have a flashy website that no-one will ever know about. You can add the bells and whistles later, if you still think it is worth it.

The explanation why writing articles works so well at increasing your website's visibility, is because of the way that Google works. Google attempts to rank websites on their reputation, which is supposed to give an idea of its worth. It measures popularity by the number of websites that link back to it. These are called backlinks.

If Google uncovers a backlink to your website, it checks your website for a reciprocal backlink to the website that holds one to you. Reciprocal backlinks are not as valuable as non-reciprocal backlinks.

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