Dex: Quick 'n dirty by M Hillers

Pauper falls in love with rich girl. Will she turn him into her prince?

Dex: quick 'n dirty

Dex moves in with his best friends Kai, Liam, and Collin. The house they live in belongs to Kai and parties, girls, booze and fun are a part of everyday life. When Dex meets Mila, he immediately falls for her. Long blonde hair, blue eyes and a gorgeous body, that’s all it takes to mesmerize him. After a series of unexpected encounters, Dex and Mila get to know each other better and grow closer. However, one thing is keeping Dex from truly opening his heart for Mila: The one thing he will never be able to give to her.

It should be so simple. We should be together, just like that. I know that Mila can never be mine. I’m simply not good enough for her. We are so different. I love her and I always will, no matter the circumstances, no matter what. I love Mila, my Blue Eyes 

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / New Adult

Language: English

Keywords: new adult, romance, sexy

Word Count: 50,000

Sales info:

This book is an absolute bestseller in Holland. The book is now also available in English and the author is confident it will also sell well in other languages with growing ebook markets, such as Spanish and French.

Sample text:

“Open the goddamned door!”

Impatiently, I bang my fist against the door for the umpteenth time, pounding hard on the cream-colored wood. Nothing. Not even one footstep or small sound coming from inside, proving that there’s life behind the closed front door. What the hell is going on?

My foot impatiently kicks away a few pebbles lying on the sidewalk while I angrily dig up my cellphone and call Kai. He doesn’t answer his phone. This is taking too long. Usually he answers any and all calls immediately. I don’t bother leaving a voicemail and walk around the back, getting more irritated by the second.

I open the unlocked gate, head for the yard and stroll in large strides across the lawn, where two small soccer goals are placed strategically on the grass, facing each other. In the lower part of the huge yard further in the back is a gigantic Jacuzzi, ready for us to use. I can’t help but grin as I remember all the things we’ve done in there. Let’s say we’ve spent some steamy and relaxing hours in there, with the scores of girls my friends and I shared.

The back door is locked; the sliding terrace door is shut tight too, of course. Basically, I still can’t get in. When I peek through the glass, there’s no one in sight. The last option is the smaller pantry door facing the yard, but unfortunately I’m caught out there too. That door is as firmly locked as the others.

Again I grab my cell. Liam’s odd voicemail message tells me he’s doing a whole bunch of other things I don’t really want to know about. After him, I try to reach Collin. Again, no luck: he isn’t answering either.

Nice bunch of friends I got, I think sourly. They knew I was supposed to move in today. All three of them have abandoned me, I conclude. What a bunch of useless idiots.

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Translation in progress. Translated by Beatriz Dias

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