Best Tips On Essay Format From Experts - 2020 by Free Essay Writer


Best tips on essay format from experts - 2020

Scoring bad grades in your essay writing assignments? If this is the scenario with other academics, then the problem may be lies in not completely understanding the main cause. Even if you are well versed with the essay writing basics, maybe you are lacking in organizing the set the ideas. And that becomes the major reason for not reflecting your ideas coherently and failing to satisfy your professor. Now it is time to shift the focus on formatting a bit more than on the composition. 

If you have to submit your next essay soon, you might be thinking who can help me write my essay free. And here we have got you covered, in this article, you will get to know about the outlining style and how you can perfectly craft each element of an essay. 

Essay Format - Elements

Typically the essay contains five structures, beginning with a hook statement and closing with on a persuasive note. To nail your essay, understand the contributing characters. Here are the following elements an essay should include:

  1. Title Page
  2. Introductory paragraph
  3. Main Body
  4. Conclusion
  5. Bibliography

Each segment has an important connection to the main structure, giving it a complete look. If you want your essay to be taken seriously, define each segment distinctly. Let’s discuss the essay format elements in detail.

Title Page 

It is similar to a book cover that should display certain information and it should lack any of those important data. The following are the elements that it should include:

Running header and page number (on the top right corner of the title page)

Essay title 

Your  name

Course name

University name

Name of the instructor

Submission date

Depending upon the referencing style, you will either include the essay title or your surname as the running head. 


An essay needs a fascinating introduction that is capable of grabbing the user’s attention. It will begin by introducing the topic with a hook statement. 

Make sure the introduction ends with a clear and logical thesis statement. It comprises of one to two sentences that show what the whole essay is all about. 

Main Body 

It is the section where the whole research methodology is defined, it states the major findings and the explanation of included evidence. 


A conclusion is as important as the introduction, it should make a sensible convincing ending for the readers. Typically, it starts with a thesis statement and ends with making ways for future research. 


In the last part of the essay, a bibliography is all about crediting all sources that have contributed to your work. Pay careful attention while citing the sources. Normally, institutions mention the referencing style such as MLA, APA, etc. You must follow the formatting guidelines and format the paper accordingly. 

If you are still not confident, getting help from expert professionals in preparing the essay format is a good option to consider. Find a reliable writing service and get a professional free essay writer on your side to draft the high quality and A worthy essay for you. 

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