Awaking Trust by Anna Katmore

After thinking he was straight for 23 years, Raffael finds out he's gay.

Awaking trust

The third book in the irresistible CRUSHED HEARTS series!

Sebastian came into my life in small, intense doses. Until I was addicted.

Now, breaking that addiction hurts worse than anything I’ve ever gone through before. I no longer know who I am, who I was, or even who I want to be. My world is shattered like the shards of my broken mirror. And seeing a bit of myself in all of those pieces, I know I’ll never be whole again. Not without him.

Raffael doesn’t believe in change. In possibilities. In us.

My heart bleeds as I walk away, even though it was necessary. But sometimes all it takes is one glance over your shoulder to realize that you can’t stop fighting just yet. That maybe the battle is worth it. It’s when you see the love of your life looking after you…breathless.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / LGBT / Gay

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Language: English

Keywords: lgbt, romance, new adult, gay, boy love, erotic

Word Count: 58.000

Sample text:

I’ll never forget the look in Sebastian’s eyes. All the panic of losing something important is there. A fear I can feel far too well myself. But it doesn’t change anything. I’m not ready for this. For him. I’m just not made for breaking limits.

“Then what will you do now?” he asks me with a pleading, croaky voice after the two days we spent in Eastbourne. Together. We still sit in his car outside my apartment building in Mayfair, just staring at each other. His hand claws my forearm, keeping me from getting out. “Pretend you like women? Get in a relationship? Get married and bend yourself all your life?”

Yes, maybe I’ll do that. Or maybe not.

“I don’t need to be with anyone.” I try to get the words out gently, when everything inside me is already shattered and rebelling. “I can stay alone. Many people live like that.”

“Raffael…” he begins, but I remove his hand from my arm and close my eyes. I can’t even say goodbye or any of the other things that swarm my mind, because it would make this moment of parting all that much harder. And it already is hell.

Then I turn away from him and get out of the car—so aware that this will be the last time I’ll ever inhale his incredible scent of musk and sun-warmed skin.

The door slams shut. The door to a world where I could ever love a man.

Without looking back, I hoist the backpack over my shoulder and head to the entrance of the apartment building. I push the door open, hating myself for waiting to hear the sound of the Honda’s engine roar and the tires to screech as Sebastian drives off.

None of it happens. He’s still there. Still behind me.

Behind me.

I squeeze my eyes shut once again.

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